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Glass Skull Bowl for bongs

Let’s face it, everybody is fascinated by bones and in particular skulls. We market  glass skull bowl for bongs having 14mm or 18mm glass connection joint. Pack a bowl and enjoy your medical herbs from these stylish glass bowls.

We partner with GlassAshCatcher.com a leader in glass ash catcher distribution. Our sites provide 420 accessories for your smoking needs: ash catchers, downstems, water pipes, bowls and more. Check us out on YouTube.

Bowl features

Glass Skull Bowl

This glass skull bowl is made of extremely heavy, thick blue glass with a large capacity. This ensures that you are able to pack as many herbs as possible in it. This bowl features a skull face, a ground glass joint as well as the black weed leaf star. This glass skull bowl will look amazing on any bong!

One of the best things about purchasing your Glass Skull Bowl with Mint Distribution is that we offer extremely competitive prices as well as centering our business model on customer satisfaction. We don’t just focus on the sale, we focus on giving you the best customer service, which is why we have a dedicated 24/7 help line. It does not matter if you need help with ordering, or even post sales and presales help, we are here for you. Ordering your glass skull bowl at an unbelievable value could not be easier.

Worldwide Shipping

Many companies are restrictive when it comes to purchasing online. In other words, they do not offer worldwide shipping. Mint Distribution is proud to offer worldwide shipping of these glass skull bowls. This means that no matter where you live in the world; France, UK, Japan, Brazil; you can enjoy a glass skull bowl for yourself.

We are proud to offer a 24/7 dedicated help center as well as worldwide shipping. If you are interested in purchasing our glass skull bowl, then you will be required to fill in the order form below using your credit card. Your order will then be sent across our secure network.

Whether you need help placing an order, need help with the product itself or simply require some post sales help, then give us a call; we are here for you.  Buy your stylish affordable glass skull bowl!

For wholesale and retail inquiries, please contact us at:

24 Hour Customer Service: 1.800.515.5035
Direct Sales Hotline - 1.213.985.2399
Email: wholesale@mintdistribution.com
Skype: WholesaleMint

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